God loves rich kids and we smoke off the same cigarette.
by Robert Louis Henry

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God loves rich kids and we smoke off the same cigarette. is a collection of miniature poetry chapbooks that highlights transition, Smoky Mountain living, the American experience, and religious angst. There's two major parts. The first, God loves rich kids, is a collection of prose poems written as a response to the racism and intolerance the speaker sees in himself. we smoke off the same cigarette is a collection of four mini-chaps with the following titles (and loose themes): Folk ArtFruit Flywe smoke off the same cigarette, and Hangman for Consumer Culture.

A section directly from the text of God loves rich kids...
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"This should be the manifesto of school children in every private institution." 
-- Jc McCallister, 
Publisher of Bygawd Books.

"It's a place with names and tradition, with bibles and racism, learning about drugs and love, defending and losing belief before looking back and flipping it the bird."
-- Paul E. Loher,

"Blunt and offensive. Artistic and realistic. God loves rich kids... portrays a bottom-of-the-barrel perspective on life in an old-fashion-minded society that will really dialate the pupils, secure your lips, and expand the universe just that much further."  

"A mess of yuppiebilly pseudo-suede-shoes."
 -- Robert Louis Henry.
Author of God loves rich kids and we smoke off the same cigarette.

"Robert Louis Henry isn’t even writing, or doesn’t want you to know he is; that is, when he isn’t writing what’s easily identifiable as some very well-crafted contemporary poetry, it’s hard to find a name for what exactly it is he’s doing, apart from the obvious “prose”. All of which sounds like there are a hundred different ways in which it couldn’t possibly “work”, just like any other great and 'impossible' idea.

Rather than dancing around the verities…you know: the existence of God, ethics and morality, the 'meaning of life,' that we as a 'post-modern' (repetition of ironic quotes is intentional ala Foster Wallace) generation of writers are supposed to be 'over' or 'beyond,' he immerses himself in them without ever getting bogged down or archaic. The result is a collection which makes you think, (even causes you pain if you’re half way sensitive) without forgetting, somehow, to be fun to read..." (Read More)
-- J. de Salvo
Editor of The Bicycle Review

"Robert Louis Henry is waiting to be stared down by God.  Snarling and growling, half-depressed, despairing at the absurdity of his very existence, nevertheless there’s a bouncy joy inside him.  A joy at simply being alive and able to wonder, doubt and philosophize.

RLH wants to be loved most of all.  And he wants God to do it...On the Read-O-Meter, which ranges from 1 star (bland) to 5 stars (zesty), God loves rich kids earns 5 stars.  Simply because it’s so darn good..." (read more at Basil & Spice)
-- Randall Radic

About the author
Robert Louis Henry writes to promote Agnostic Nihilism; naturally, he has some doubts about the cause. He lives and studies in Tennessee, and he's co-founder and co-editor at Leaf Garden Press, which publishes a free literary journal among other things. Leafgardenpress.com

Also coming from Robert Louis Henry and Bygawd Books, a collection of prose and multiple media projects titled The Agnostic Nihilist's Doctrine (And Other Lies).